Saturday, 5 October 2013

Thank you.. I owe so much to you

From this...
to this...
This is to show you how much I appreciate all of you who have shared generously numerous countless knowledge, tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, etc. in the internet... for free!
I also realize that I would not be able to stand at this point without all of you, polymer clay artists around the world who have been giving me inspirations and ideas.

I think, a 'thank you so much' would not be enough, and I feel like wanting to express my grateful feeling someway. Psychologically, I need ventilation. Well, I hope this post will do.

I am still learning, and I know I have to learn so much more. Right now, there are quite a lot of techniques on polymer clay that I have to figure out. I just started. Yes, the first time I touched polymer clay was in January this year, so... only 9 months. Internet is a blessing.. that's how I know about this media of art, that's how I searched information on its availability in this country, and that's how I learn and experimenting different techniques. No, there is no polymer clay courses here.. that's why I have to figure it out myself. Well, not really.. I have been learning so much from you guys, who shares different things about polymer clay. More thank you!

I've never thought I would be able to create pretty things... I have so many interests, which often I consider as too many. I love sewing, needle crafting, and cross-stiching. I enjoy cooking, baking, and eat delicious food... and have fun blogging about it here. I play some musics, singing in choir and solo, and I think I am quite good at those :). As for paintings, I tried to learn painting and sketch (of course learn by myself.. try this and that) and figured out I wouldn't go far with it... or maybe I need to put more determination on it? I don't know... I never sculpted, but now I know I can do a little bit of sculpting with polymer clay... and it's really fun!
Whenever I think back in time, I often see my whole life is full of different period of learning and exploring. Maybe because I always wonder: would I be able to do that? on so many things, and have big curiosity on how things work.

I started creating jewelry in 2003, after I realized how expensive the good jewelry was (and still is :) ). And I remember talking to myself looking at a pretty necklace in a shop: I think I can make something like that! But I always considered that those pieces I made were pretty because the beads were pretty. Not because of me.

The first time I knew about polymer clay was in December 2012, and was totally amazed by its countless possibilities on pretty things. Fell in love instantly even though I have never actually seen or touch it. Then the search began (through internet and asking friends of course) and I managed to purchase some colors.

The first batch of polymer clay beads was created in January 2013. I tried making canes and made some beads and pendants from them. I sent most of it for my partner on an Indonesian bead swap, and keep one for myself for memoir.

At that time I knew I wouldn't be able to stop and realized I totally in love :) . No classes available in this country, so i just keep learning from you who generously shared your knowledge in the internet. What a blessing to have all of you there for me. I know you didn't realize, but I tell you, without you I wouldn't stand at this point and wouldn't be able to gain much.

So here I am, sharing some pieces I created in this last 9 months, and as I got so many inspiration from items shared in the internet, I hope these could give at least ideas and encouragement to create something prettier.

First Batch of Polymer Clay Beads  - January 2013

Created in March 2013
Exquisite Forest in Polymer - April 2013
Earth Day: Wonders of Blue Sea - April 2013
Dayak Rangkong - May 2013
Dayak Scutums - May 2013
For Craft Day @National Museum - May 2013
The first face cane - May 2013
For a bead swap in June 2013
Garudaku - July 2013
Candy Balls - July 2013
Gifts for a jewelry challenge - August 2013
Gifts for a jewelry challenge - August 2013
Kalpataru, Lurik Tosca, etc. - August 2013
For Craft Day @National Museum - September 2013

Now, you can understand how MUCH I owe you... my generous and kind-hearted friends :D . Thank you so much! May God bless you all :)