Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bead Soup Blogger Party Reveal Day!!

(I had problem with internet connection at home yesterday when I wanted to post this on... tried using my smart phone, but couldn't figure out how to add pictures and links.. so here it is, one day late...)

Yeehaaa...!! Finally the time is come. We, around 500 bloggers from all over the world, can reveal what goodies we make from the bead soups we received from our partners. Yes.. as you might have read from my last blog post, this is my first Bead Soup Blog Party. So pardon me if I am too excited! Hehehe...

As reminder, this was the soup I received from my partner Karen Mitchell of "Over the Moon Studio", who lives in South Australia. Aren't they gorgeous?

On my side, I had so much fun (almost carried out crazy in fact :D hahaha..), digging my boxes of beads and choosing different beads for her. I also had much excitement making polymer clay beads and focal for her... Ah ya, I have to tell that I have my digital scale (the one I use for cooking) beside me, to weight the package I would send to her. I wanted to maximise the weight for the same shipping cost. So, this was my soup for her..

What a fun event! Definitely will join again next year!!
Now.. we reach the reveal date. I can say this reveal day has the most fun and excitement of all!!!
Taadaaaa.... "Hummingbird in an Ethnicochic Forest Garden"

I make one necklace. I tried using all her soup... oh how I love the color combo she chose! all my favorit color is there! Hahaha... yes! she must have been a psychic in her past life... :)

And this is how it looks hung on my neck... love it sooooo much!! Thanks a lot Karen...

The challenge is indeed fun! There are some beads I haven't used... but I determine to make it into something. Isn't the essence of joining the fun BSBP so we can think out of the box? to challenge and better improve our creativity. So just pay a visit again in several days, will you? You will find other goodies I make from the rest of the bead soup.

Now, let's see what Karen made from the bead soup I sent to her... here.
For a complete list of blogs participating in this big event, please visit Lori's page, and do blog-hop to those web-blogs... it's so much fun to see lots of pretty creations made from the soups.