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8th Bead Soup Blog Party ... My Partner and Her Soup

This is my first Bead Soup Blog Party, an annual international event organises by Lori Anderson, who perfectly paired me with Karen Mitchel from Australia. This year, about 490 people from around the globe are excitedly participating in this big event. Lots of people ya?

Meet My Partner
Karen lives in South Australia (I bet it's pretty there), a mother of two teenage daughters, married her highschool sweetheart... so romatic isn't it? She has an online store where she sells her beauties. She makes mixed media jewelry, and makes gorgeous crochet items from cute small accessories to blankets.. oh, how I love the color combination she made..

That is one crochet project she is working on right now.. her daily crochetmoodblanket2014.
Isn't this cute?
And these are my favorite jewelry she made...

handmade jewellery, Copper and Fibre earrings

And now....  

The Soup I received from her....

Yay!!! the package arrived on Friday morning... a full week travelled from her door to my door. I was so excited.. well, I think you know how I felt... I am still having the same excitement while writing this.. smiling wide from ear to ear... *LOL*

Now, join my excitement to see what goodies she sent me !!

 Yup! she made it even more exciting by putting everything inside this nice tin box.. thank you, you are great Karen..

And these are what were inside... Oh how much I love those beads... you all have to agree that those are deliciously tasty and pretty!!! Now you understand why I still have the same excitement after two days!! Hey.. it's not counting the fun I am going to have later, these would make amazing jewelry.. 

And there is one particular item... this changing-color beads. Some call it "mood bead'. It's a bead that changing color with the changing of temperature surrounds it. Last week, I had a small chat with my friend LiliKrist from Surabaya.. she purchased moodbeads from etsy and they were just arrived. She shared the picture in her facebook and I was interested to purchase some too... and see... I got one from Karen!!!

Lovely hummingbird heart cloisonne focal
I also love the focal and S-clasp she sent me... my first cloisonne bead.

See... how gorgeous and delicious her soup ingredients are... and I absolutely love all those color and LOVE every single bead!!!

I hope she would be as excited as me when she receives the soup I sent to her. I am not sure if she has received it by now.. so, I would just post this sneak peak of the soup I sent her last week.

Thank you Karen... you really made my days! 

Beads for Papua 4 : Good Memory in Wamena and Biak

The 4th part of 4 (the last one) of series of articles "Beads for Papua", continuation from "Beads for Papua 3 : Mama-mama..., Let Us Make Necklaces Together"

After sharing fun, happiness, and joy with Mama-mama in Ilu, we had to return back to Wamena... through that bumpy road.

The morning when we left Ilu... oh, if only I could bring with me that fresh cold air and the people's warmth. I think I left part of my heart there...

This time, the road condition was worst since it was raining everyday during our stay in Ilu... the road was wet! One of our rented car was stuck on the mud, but thank God it didn't take too much difficulties to free it. Then the journey could be continued without any problem.

Nine hours going along the mountains sides, crossing rivers, going through fog on a mountain peak more than 3000 meters above sea level... and passing in the middle of an ancient forest that made us feel as if we were in Jurasic Park... an amazing journey indeed.

In Wamena we had to stay over for two days... we had problems finding seat on the plane to Jayapura. Well, it was approaching Christmas and New Year holidays.

So that made us having time to go enjoying Wamena. My favorite place is Jibama traditional market... the biggest market in Wamena. There I found some young men who make and sell necklaces made from beads. 

Apparently, the price was a little bit expensive... well, everything is kind of "imported" from Jayapura and has to be transported by plane. There is no road from Jayapura to Wamena.

Besides Jibama market, we also went to enjoy the unique culinary dish from Wamena... crayfish!

From Wamena going home to Jakarta via Jayapura. Me and one of my friend decided to stop over for several days in Biak, a small city located on a beautiful coral island... Biak Island.

Here we visited several places, and at the same time having back good memories I had when I was living and working in Biak more than 15 years ago.

Bosnik in East Biak was the first to visit. We were lucky it was market day... As usual a market is, there was people selling food also... hahaha... besides a jewelry and bead lovers, I also a food lover... hehehehee.. 

Packed yellow rice with papaya leaves/flowers and fish, casava barapen (shreded cassava root mixed with shreded coconut and spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to cook), and also chilli squid ... ooooh.... delicious! hahahaa..

And, of course... there was jewelry also!!!and it was interesting because all the jewelry was made by the local people and made using whatever easy to find in Biak... shells and other goodies from the sea.

Using simple techniques, but the result was awesome... and the display tables... just like the display tables we found during jewelry bazaar or exhibition in big cities.

Beads from sea-shells, sea urchin spikes, rattan fibers, bamboo, and some seedbeads... Seeing all those, I started day-dreaming... if only I had time and chance, I want to share the joy of the Beads for Papua again here in Biak... I hope someday... in God will.

The ones that look like forks on the picture above are the traditional combs made from bamboo. Interesting and unique, no...? Other than earrings and necklaces, there were hairpins, hairclips, and cute little pot to keep chalk for betel-nut eating (the local people customs). And see... it was made recycling pop soda drink plastic bottle.... Oh, oh, oh... big saluts and respects for mama-mama in Biak!

From Bosnik market, we stopped by at a white-sandy beach not far from the market... to enjoy the pretty view. Here I found something I had not expected before... sea-glass!!

Apparently, this beach is a place for the youngs to gather and they brought some drinks to enjoy on the beach. The broken glasses from the bottles were sand by the sand with the wave movement... slowly sanded by nature... resulting in doff surface and rounder shape... oh oh oh... how happy I was, and started collecting some... an unexpected treasures from Bosnik beach in Biak.

From Bosnik beach, we headed to the Second World War Monument, built by the Japan Government in memories of their soldiers who died in Biak during the Second World War.

Inside the monument, there are 7 ashes of Japanese soldiers. Every year their family still visiting, bringing with them some memorable items and crafts... and I saw several Senbazuru, 1000 origami cranes hung on the sides of the boxes. And they are so beautiful... made me almost cry.

In fact, we visited more places in Biak... Bird Park, some more pretty beaches in West Biak and North Biak... Sebenarnya banyak lagi tempat-tempat di Biak yang kami kunjungi... Taman Burung, Pantai Biak Barat, Pantai dan air terjun di Biak Utara.... Indonesia is really beautiful!! But onlu those three places related to bead and jewelry.

Once again, thank you very much to all kind-hearted friend who generously donated beads for Mama-mama in Ilu, and friends from the Indonesian Red Cross who joined hand in hand making necklaces for the Mama-mama health caders in Ilu... they sent their best wishes and regards and their huge thanks... Lili Krist Manik Jawa, Mikko Wiropati, Febrini A. Risyad, Isworo Larasati, Tanti Saraswati, Tanty Sri Hartati.... God bless you all.

<The End>

A story from my journey, Esterina Jagiella, almost three weks in Papua in December 2013.

Beads for Papua 3 : Mama-mama..., Let Us Make Necklaces Together

This article is the 3rd part of 4, continuation from "Beads for Papua 1 : Here We Gooooo..." and "Beads for Papua 2 : Ilu and Its Bead Culture"... so, for a complete picture, check and read those first ya?

At first, we planned to have the "Beads for Papua" on the side terrace of the Ilu Community Health Clinic, but soon we realised that it was too crowded with hundreds of people seeking services from several spesialist doctors who came at the same time... surgeon, obstetric-gynecologist, and of course one from our team the ophthalmologist. Finally, we decided to move the activity on the terrace where we stayed... not far from the clinic. When the Mama-mama (that's how we call women in Papua) heard about the "Beads for Papua", they were thrilled and so happy!

Thursday afternoon, several Mama-mama came to string beads together. Unlike in Oksibil, here in Ilu only simple stringing that could be done. The colors they like the most were the bright colors, metallic shiny colors, blink-blink, sparkling... especially if it's red! that was their favorite color. Green was the least they chose, maybe because they see a lot of greens from the vegetations around them... trees, bushes, grass...

See... every body was happppppyyyy... each made one necklace, one bracelet, and one earrings, plus one necklace and one bracelet for each child they brought with them.

The Mama with the baby seemed used to work fast... finished first and wore it right away. Isn't it pretty.. the necklace she made? Soon after, little Malikha also had her new necklace made by her Mama.

I tried teaching them bead color and shape combination, usig some examples I made before. At the beginning, they tried to follow, but then I saw that they were so asthonished with all those pretty beads in front of them. As if this was what they thought : "Aahh, this one is pretty, I want this (while stringing the pretty beads on the plastic thread in their hands)... and this one too... and this...". Some Mama was able to make a better mix and match, but mostly strung according to what they thought as pretty beads, without able to imagine what combination it would be. However, looking at them and saw how enthusiasted and excited they were, I let them do whatever they like... it's important for them to be happy and love the things they have made.

Posed a little bit with the new self-made bead-jewelry.

And Friday the next day...

Ah yes, this handsome young gentleman is Rudy, a 8th grade student, the son of the house owner where we stayed. He helped us a lot... made all the water storages were full of clean water, switched on the generator when the day is getting dark, hot drinking water always available in the morning and at night, and many more... Since the first day of the "Beads for Papua", he was happilly involved... helping Mama-mama and his friends to make necklaces and bracelets. He is the most creative one.. and has a good taste too... more than all those Mama-mama. The blue green yellow ropes from LiliKrist was made into a small macrame bag. I tought him how to do macrame and the bag, and he quickly caught and continued to finish the bag. Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of it.

And here is the Mama bringing a baby pig inside her noken, the woven light brown bag behind her back. So it was fun and yet funny... Mama-mama came with their children, their dogs, and a pig... hahahaa... but all was calmed.

Cute little Malikha busy playing with my friend's shoe, while Rudy her big brother helping a Mama.

 This little girl is pretty with the black necklace and the new earring her Mama just made for her.
There I learned that apparently good or bad is something that is not fixed. And I also learned to understand their way of thinking, their concept about beauty. Beauty is a concept that depends on how you see it... could changed and moved with time, era, place...
With that kind of understanding, I adjusted myself and learned what kind of beads they loved, and several day later me and my friends from the cataract team made 15 necklaces for Mama-mama the health caders in Ilu.

The Mama-mama health caders is working ironing the linens and surgical clothes, and friends from the Indonesian Red Cross in action making necklaces for Mama-mama caders. Thanks a lot guys...

Mama-mama caders wanted to join the fun stringin beads in "Beads for Papua", but of course they couldn't. They had to work helping the free cataract operation program... cleaning the premises, washing and ironing surgical clothes and linens, as well as taking care of the patients.

These are the necklaces made by friends from the Indonesian Red Cross... The one who learned and enjoyed making necklaces was apparently not only the Mama-mama in Ilu, but also the kind-hearted friends from Red Cross.

Mama-mama caders... finally got necklaces also... they said: 'Thank you so much for the gifts, we are soooo happy... whaah, whaaah...'

Two days making jewelry with Mama-mama in Ilu gave me a special memory I know I will not forget. So touching and so happy to see how thrilled and happy they were with this "Beads for Papua".

(To be continued to part 4 "Beads for Papua 4 : Good Memory in Wamena and Biak")


Beads for Papua 2 : Ilu and Its Bead Culture

This article is the 2nd part of 4 articles, continuation from "Beads for Papua 1 : Here We Gooooo..."
So, check that out and read it first, OK?

Ilu, that was a cold morning... fog covered most of the houses and morning dew sparkled on the grass and leaves.

Cold!! The sun began to rise on the east from behind the hills that surround Ilu. The rooster has sounded its alarm several times... Uh! that was a crazy rooster... cock-a-doodle-doo-ed many times a day regardless of the time... even at midnight!! that woke us several times during the night.

That day, Wednesday 11 Desember 2013, we had lunch in a small shop next to the traditional market. That shop apparently also sells seedbeads, as well as crochet hooks and bright-color ropes (use to make noken... the traditional woven bag typically made by Dani tribe women). There were only one kind of seedbeads, in three colors... blue, orange, and red. Do you know the price? IDR 10,000 (or about $1) for one small cup... that cup used to be the screw-lid from a soda-pop drink bottle. Small! means so expensive!!

So, you can imagine how happy the women in Ilu later on... with our Beads for Papua ... 

Beads has been part of Dani Tribe culture since hundreds of years ago. And the good beads could run from generation to generation. These old beads called as "Ancestor Beads" that valued so much, it only worn during a very important traditional ceremonies. Not to be sold..
Not only during traditional and religious events, the Dani tribe people also wear their beads every day. It's part of their clothes.

Well, it wouldn't be interesting telling story without pictures. Fortunately, the people in Ilu were happy when we took lots of picture of them. Pretty often, they even asked ask to take picture of them when they see somebody with camera. Whenever we showed the photo from the small LCD at the back of the camera, especially the women, they would scream with high pitch: 'geeeeeeiiii......', bigger eyes, wide smile, left hand half curled in front of their lips while the right hand pointing their picture on the LCD. Children would giggle looking at their pictures... while the men would shout: 'whaaah..., whaaaah...' the happy shout and thanks, with very biiiiiiiigg smile...
See.... all wearing circular necklaces on their necks... men, women, babbies, grandmas, grandpas.. all! Especially the women, aren't they pretty with all those necklaces? also the children and the babies.. cute... The woman with the small pig said that it would not good without necklace... empty and naked.

To be continued to "Beads for Papua 3 : Mama-mama..., Let Us Make Necklaces Together"