Saturday, 5 October 2013

Thank you.. I owe so much to you

From this...
to this...
This is to show you how much I appreciate all of you who have shared generously numerous countless knowledge, tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, etc. in the internet... for free!
I also realize that I would not be able to stand at this point without all of you, polymer clay artists around the world who have been giving me inspirations and ideas.

I think, a 'thank you so much' would not be enough, and I feel like wanting to express my grateful feeling someway. Psychologically, I need ventilation. Well, I hope this post will do.

I am still learning, and I know I have to learn so much more. Right now, there are quite a lot of techniques on polymer clay that I have to figure out. I just started. Yes, the first time I touched polymer clay was in January this year, so... only 9 months. Internet is a blessing.. that's how I know about this media of art, that's how I searched information on its availability in this country, and that's how I learn and experimenting different techniques. No, there is no polymer clay courses here.. that's why I have to figure it out myself. Well, not really.. I have been learning so much from you guys, who shares different things about polymer clay. More thank you!

I've never thought I would be able to create pretty things... I have so many interests, which often I consider as too many. I love sewing, needle crafting, and cross-stiching. I enjoy cooking, baking, and eat delicious food... and have fun blogging about it here. I play some musics, singing in choir and solo, and I think I am quite good at those :). As for paintings, I tried to learn painting and sketch (of course learn by myself.. try this and that) and figured out I wouldn't go far with it... or maybe I need to put more determination on it? I don't know... I never sculpted, but now I know I can do a little bit of sculpting with polymer clay... and it's really fun!
Whenever I think back in time, I often see my whole life is full of different period of learning and exploring. Maybe because I always wonder: would I be able to do that? on so many things, and have big curiosity on how things work.

I started creating jewelry in 2003, after I realized how expensive the good jewelry was (and still is :) ). And I remember talking to myself looking at a pretty necklace in a shop: I think I can make something like that! But I always considered that those pieces I made were pretty because the beads were pretty. Not because of me.

The first time I knew about polymer clay was in December 2012, and was totally amazed by its countless possibilities on pretty things. Fell in love instantly even though I have never actually seen or touch it. Then the search began (through internet and asking friends of course) and I managed to purchase some colors.

The first batch of polymer clay beads was created in January 2013. I tried making canes and made some beads and pendants from them. I sent most of it for my partner on an Indonesian bead swap, and keep one for myself for memoir.

At that time I knew I wouldn't be able to stop and realized I totally in love :) . No classes available in this country, so i just keep learning from you who generously shared your knowledge in the internet. What a blessing to have all of you there for me. I know you didn't realize, but I tell you, without you I wouldn't stand at this point and wouldn't be able to gain much.

So here I am, sharing some pieces I created in this last 9 months, and as I got so many inspiration from items shared in the internet, I hope these could give at least ideas and encouragement to create something prettier.

First Batch of Polymer Clay Beads  - January 2013

Created in March 2013
Exquisite Forest in Polymer - April 2013
Earth Day: Wonders of Blue Sea - April 2013
Dayak Rangkong - May 2013
Dayak Scutums - May 2013
For Craft Day @National Museum - May 2013
The first face cane - May 2013
For a bead swap in June 2013
Garudaku - July 2013
Candy Balls - July 2013
Gifts for a jewelry challenge - August 2013
Gifts for a jewelry challenge - August 2013
Kalpataru, Lurik Tosca, etc. - August 2013
For Craft Day @National Museum - September 2013

Now, you can understand how MUCH I owe you... my generous and kind-hearted friends :D . Thank you so much! May God bless you all :)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Frida Kahlo, Inspiration of Life

Several years ago, I watched a movie... Frida. Since then I began to admire her. Frida Kahlo won so many battles in her life with her determination to art. And till now, her love to art remains... lives in our hearts. And I am a big fans of her, who love her paintings, admire her determination, and fond of her kind heart.

So when the Bead Soup Cafe organised a Non-blogger and Blogger Challenge with one of Frida Kahlo's panting as inspiration, a painting called "Self Potrait - Time Flies", I couldn't resist except to joined the challenge. And yes, of course I couldn't stop thinking of her the whole time I make this necklace... and some times in between. Her arts, her life, her beauty, her battles... all seasoned my mind and flew me to her world.

Frida Kahlo's "Self Potrait - Time Flies"

And here's my friend from the office, happily agreed to be the photo model for this necklace. 
Thanks Minuk..

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Red Lilies and Garnets Necklace

Red calla lilies, handcrafted using polymer clay and copper wire, in combination with Garnet round gemstones and Gudo glass beads to create a choker that will radiate your beauty.