Sunday, 23 March 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party ... My Partner and Her Soup

This is my first Bead Soup Blog Party, an annual international event organises by Lori Anderson, who perfectly paired me with Karen Mitchel from Australia. This year, about 490 people from around the globe are excitedly participating in this big event. Lots of people ya?

Meet My Partner
Karen lives in South Australia (I bet it's pretty there), a mother of two teenage daughters, married her highschool sweetheart... so romatic isn't it? She has an online store where she sells her beauties. She makes mixed media jewelry, and makes gorgeous crochet items from cute small accessories to blankets.. oh, how I love the color combination she made..

That is one crochet project she is working on right now.. her daily crochetmoodblanket2014.
Isn't this cute?
And these are my favorite jewelry she made...

handmade jewellery, Copper and Fibre earrings

And now....  

The Soup I received from her....

Yay!!! the package arrived on Friday morning... a full week travelled from her door to my door. I was so excited.. well, I think you know how I felt... I am still having the same excitement while writing this.. smiling wide from ear to ear... *LOL*

Now, join my excitement to see what goodies she sent me !!

 Yup! she made it even more exciting by putting everything inside this nice tin box.. thank you, you are great Karen..

And these are what were inside... Oh how much I love those beads... you all have to agree that those are deliciously tasty and pretty!!! Now you understand why I still have the same excitement after two days!! Hey.. it's not counting the fun I am going to have later, these would make amazing jewelry.. 

And there is one particular item... this changing-color beads. Some call it "mood bead'. It's a bead that changing color with the changing of temperature surrounds it. Last week, I had a small chat with my friend LiliKrist from Surabaya.. she purchased moodbeads from etsy and they were just arrived. She shared the picture in her facebook and I was interested to purchase some too... and see... I got one from Karen!!!

Lovely hummingbird heart cloisonne focal
I also love the focal and S-clasp she sent me... my first cloisonne bead.

See... how gorgeous and delicious her soup ingredients are... and I absolutely love all those color and LOVE every single bead!!!

I hope she would be as excited as me when she receives the soup I sent to her. I am not sure if she has received it by now.. so, I would just post this sneak peak of the soup I sent her last week.

Thank you Karen... you really made my days! 


  1. Full of colors =)
    Is the leaf made from metal and enamel?
    Hihihi...finally you have the mood bead ha =D

    1. Hi LiliKrist... yes, the green leaf is metal... and yes again, now I have a mood bead... amazing, no?

  2. An interesting and colorful soup! You have many gorgeous focals to choose from! Happy beading!

    1. Thank you PiPa... definitely I will have a lot of fun beading with all of these gorgeous beads.

  3. You got beautiful beads....I am curious which one is the mood beads?

  4. Gorgeous soup! Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

  5. Hi Diah, mood bead is the round disc with pretty purple color. The color of the bead changes with different temperature... from purple in warm environment to red in cold environment... following the rainbow color spectrum.. it's fun!

  6. Oh wow, the colours are so vivid :) this will make wonderful designs :)