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Beads for Papua 2 : Ilu and Its Bead Culture

This article is the 2nd part of 4 articles, continuation from "Beads for Papua 1 : Here We Gooooo..."
So, check that out and read it first, OK?

Ilu, that was a cold morning... fog covered most of the houses and morning dew sparkled on the grass and leaves.

Cold!! The sun began to rise on the east from behind the hills that surround Ilu. The rooster has sounded its alarm several times... Uh! that was a crazy rooster... cock-a-doodle-doo-ed many times a day regardless of the time... even at midnight!! that woke us several times during the night.

That day, Wednesday 11 Desember 2013, we had lunch in a small shop next to the traditional market. That shop apparently also sells seedbeads, as well as crochet hooks and bright-color ropes (use to make noken... the traditional woven bag typically made by Dani tribe women). There were only one kind of seedbeads, in three colors... blue, orange, and red. Do you know the price? IDR 10,000 (or about $1) for one small cup... that cup used to be the screw-lid from a soda-pop drink bottle. Small! means so expensive!!

So, you can imagine how happy the women in Ilu later on... with our Beads for Papua ... 

Beads has been part of Dani Tribe culture since hundreds of years ago. And the good beads could run from generation to generation. These old beads called as "Ancestor Beads" that valued so much, it only worn during a very important traditional ceremonies. Not to be sold..
Not only during traditional and religious events, the Dani tribe people also wear their beads every day. It's part of their clothes.

Well, it wouldn't be interesting telling story without pictures. Fortunately, the people in Ilu were happy when we took lots of picture of them. Pretty often, they even asked ask to take picture of them when they see somebody with camera. Whenever we showed the photo from the small LCD at the back of the camera, especially the women, they would scream with high pitch: 'geeeeeeiiii......', bigger eyes, wide smile, left hand half curled in front of their lips while the right hand pointing their picture on the LCD. Children would giggle looking at their pictures... while the men would shout: 'whaaah..., whaaaah...' the happy shout and thanks, with very biiiiiiiigg smile...
See.... all wearing circular necklaces on their necks... men, women, babbies, grandmas, grandpas.. all! Especially the women, aren't they pretty with all those necklaces? also the children and the babies.. cute... The woman with the small pig said that it would not good without necklace... empty and naked.

To be continued to "Beads for Papua 3 : Mama-mama..., Let Us Make Necklaces Together"

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